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West Virginia Rail Trails

Greenbrier River Trail: Runs from North Caldwell to Cass.  Covers 75.0 miles long.  Surface consists of gravel and original ballast. Best rail trail in the state by far.  Runs along side of the beautiful Greenbrier River.  makes for a great bike camping trip with fishing, and swimming thrown into the mix along the way.  Entire rail trail is fairly flat which makes it ideal for all levels of biking abilities.  

West Fork Trail: Runs from Cheat Junction to Glady.  Covers 22.0 miles long.  Surface consists of gravel and original ballast.  Follows along side the West Fork of the Greenbrier River Little River.  It has a 3 percent grade which makes it good for riders of all abilities.  Like the GRT the West Fork also provides fishing and swimming along the trail with abundant wildlife to be seen.  Trout fishing is also very good here during stocking months.  

North Bend State Park Rail-Trail: Runs from Walker to Wilsonburg.  Covers 61 miles.  Surface consists of crushed stone and gravel.  The trial follows the old B&O railroad main line from walker and travels to Wolf Summit.   This is another trail that is for riders of all abilities. The trail gives you nice rides through small towns, bridges, and 8 tunnels to venture through along the way.  For riding through tunnels it is advised to be prepared with a flashlight.