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West Virginia Road Rides

Highland Scenic Highway: This road is closed to commercial traffic and reduced speed limits.  Sixty percent of the 22.2 miles of the ride are above 4,000 feet which provides very challenging climbs and unreal and extreme downhills.  The road contains no development just spectacular unreal views of the areas nearby.  This ride is definitely not for the week its a ride for very strong riders.  

Harpers Ferry: Located in the eastern panhandle of WV this provides a ride at the lowest land area in the state.  A bike ride through this area gives you a great opportunity to see some of the great historical sites, shops, and wonderful scenic areas it has to offer.  The ride contains pawed roads with moderate traffic.  It is a fairly hilly ride but not long in duration.

Shepherdstown: Another ride located in the eastern panhandle of WV.  Shepherdstown like Harpers Ferry has a great history to it.  It has a lot of civil war past to it for one and also man other important events which took place at.  Shepherdstown is on the National Register of Historic Places, due to its historic buildings.  This adds to a great ride that lets you see many landmarks and historical buildings.  The ride contains pawed roads which can be occasionally rough with moderate traffic.  It is a long right that contains rolling hills.

Tomlinson Run:  Located at the top of the northern panhandle in WV.  This is one of the few rides in the area.  The main part of this ride resides in the Tomlinson Run State Park.  Goes through nice farming country, small towns, and woodlands.  This is a fairly long ride with pawed roades and light to moderate traffic and rolling hills.